Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications Registration No. 32833

Statistics and Applications ISSN 2454-7395(online)

Special Issue in honour of Prof. Aloke Dey

Issues 1 & 2 (New Series)

Professor Aloke Dey: a tribute

Rahul Mukerjee

pp. 1-4

Construction and classification of orthogonal arrays with small numbers of runs

Kenny Q. Ye, DongKwon Park, William Li, Angela M. Dean

pp. 5-16

Conditionally optimal small composite designs

Ray-Bing Chen, Yu-Jen Tsai and Dennis K. J. Lin

pp. 35-56

Compatibility of BIB designs

Masanori Sawa, Sanpei Kageyama and Masakazu Jimbo

pp. 73-89

On searching probability of two-factor interaction

Kashinath Chatterjee, Sudhir Gupta and Angshuman Sarkar

pp. 125-140

Estimation of distinct elements of a covariance matrix : MINQUE and MINQE

Yogendra P. Chaubey and Prosanta K. Mondal

pp. 157-170

On a method to construct magic rectangles of odd order

Chand K. Midha, J. P. De Los Reyes, Ashish Das and L.Y. Chan


Blocked regular mixed factorial designs with maximum estimation capacity

Mingyao Ai and Yuanzhen He


Optimum mixture designs under constraints on mixing components

Nripes K. Mandal, Manisha Pal, Bikas K. Sinha and Premadhis Das


Outliers in multi-response experiments

Rajender Parsad, P. K. Nandi, L. M. Bhar and V. K. Gupta