Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications Registration No. 32833

The Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications was founded in 1997 at Jat Vedic College, Baraut in the honour of Prof. M.N.Das during the occasion of felicitation on his 75th birthday. The Society got registered within a year of its start. The main objective of the society is to popularize applications of statistical methodology in different areas and to provide incentives for developing indigenous computer software to help application activities in different technological areas. Applications of statistics and computer mainly focus on the areas where applications of Statistics are necessary and useful. It also lays stress on development and popularization of appropriate methodology for assessment of achievements, developments and their progress in different areas of social and scientific activities. With such broad objectives its activities consist of organization of conferences in different parts of the country, undertaking suitable activities including organization of workshop and publication of journal Statistics and Applications.

The membership of the society is open to all persons and institutions interested in the objectives of the society. There is a scope for a person to become either an ordinary member, which is valid for one year or a life member. The society also encourages the institutions, which are interested in promoting the objectives and activities of the society for becoming institutional member. The subscription rate is decided by the council from time to time. Patron or Honorary membership is reserved for those scientists who have made outstanding contributions in the academic field or have otherwise contributed significantly to realisation of the objectives of the society. The society has got more than 350 life members registered inclusive of foreign members and Honorary members.

One of the major activities of the society is to publish a journal, Statistics and Applications. The Journal is registered. The journal publishes proceedings of each conference. In 2001, the society published a special volume in the honour of Prof. M.N.Das on his 80th birthday. Many renowned statisticians contributed to this special volume by publishing their research work. The journal is being reviewed by the American Mathematical Society under the Mathematical Review. The aim of the Journal is to facilitate applications of statistics for providing services in agricultural, social, medical, industrial, financial and similar other sectors and also for applied research activities in Statistics. It is serving to provide a platform for interaction between statisticians and subject matter specialists who use statistics for their activities. It also aims at exposition of suitable theoretical activities in a user-friendly manner. Computer Software is very much helpful for applications of statistical methodology. There are a number of general packages to facilitate application of statistical methodology. But the necessity of obtaining suitable algorithms and corresponding software for many problems will always remain. The journal has a section of algorithms and software related activities requiring statistical, mathematical and technological methodology. The purpose of this section is to encourage efficient and indigenous software making for problems in the above sectors. Software making is a fascinating activity. It requires efficient algorithm, which subject matter specialist alone can obtain. Statisticians and other technical experts including computer scientists are invited to send algorithms for suitable problems along with corresponding software in a manner which can be expressed conveniently in higher level languages.