Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications Registration No. 32833

Statistics and Applications ISSN 2454-7395(online)


Issues 1 & 2 (New Series)

Remote sensing based wheat acreage and spectral-trend-agrometeorological Yield Forecasting : Factor Analysis Approach

Urmil Verma, D. S. Dabas, R. S. Hooda, M. H. Kalubarme, Manoj Yadav, M. S. Grewal, M. P. Sharma and R. Prawasi

pp. 1-14

Min-max representation of features for grading cured tobacco leaves

D S Guru, P B Mallikarjuna, S Manjunath1 and M M Shenoi

pp. 15-30

Diarrhoea in rural children – Some environmental correlates

V.K. Srivastava, A.K. Nigam and R.P. Misra

pp. 57-61

Child undernutrition in India: Age-wise trend and risk factors

Sheila C. Vir, T. Adhikari, Arvind Pandey, A.K. Nigam and Richa Malik

pp. 85-93

Epidemiological appraisal of neonatal mortality in India: Conventional vs. hierarchical models

Bhaskar Thakur, Vishnubhatla Sreenivas, Sada Nand Dwivedi and Arvind Pandey