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Rahul Mukerjee

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Joka, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata 700104
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Phone : +91 92316 86058

Rahul Mukerjee, born 1956, is a professor at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta since 1989, being on the Higher Academic Grade since its inception in 2009. Earlier, he taught at the University of Calcutta (1980-82) and the Indian Statistical Institute (1982-89) where he was awarded an out of turn promotion to full professorship at the age of thirty three. He also held visiting positions in many institutions abroad including Harvard University, Rutgers University, University of Michigan, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (Berkeley), Pennsylvania State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Simon Fraser University, University of Sao Paulo, Kuwait University, Hiroshima University, Nankai University, Academia Sinica (Taipei), Hong Kong Baptist University, National University of Singapore and University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. He was a member of the National Statistical Commission, Government of India, during 2013-16.

Rahul completed his BSc (honors in statistics) and MSc (statistics) from the University of Calcutta, with rank first in first class in both examinations. He obtained his PhD degree (1982) in statistics from the University of Calcutta.

Rahul’s research interests pertain to several broad areas of statistics including design of experiments, asymptotic theory, survey sampling and causal inference. In design of experiments, he focused on factorial designs concentrating on the issues of orthogonality and optimality under traditional as well as modern criteria such as minimum aberration. He also worked on topics like optimal response surface designs, repeated measurements designs and applications to visual cryptography, in addition to exploring the existence and construction of orthogonal arrays. His work in asymptotic theory covers areas such as higher order comparison of tests and confidence intervals, probability matching priors and empirical likelihood. He also obtained powerful results on the interface between causal inference and finite population sampling. Rahul has authored/co-authored five monographs, all from such international publishers as John Wiley, Springer-Verlag and Marcel Dekker. He has also published over 250 research papers in refereed journals.

Rahul is or has been on the editorial boards of such major journals as the Annals of Statistics (1995-2008), Biometrika (2008-), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B (2000-2004), Statistica Sinica (1993-), Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (2003-) and Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference (1992-2008). He has been a member of the Council, Indian Statistical Institute, for four terms. He serves regularly as a reviewer for research funding agencies across the world.

Rahul has been a recipient of numerous awards and honors including:
(1) PV Sukhatme National Award in Statistics, 2018, Government of India,
(2) Mahalanobis International Award, 2017, International Statistical Institute, The Netherlands,
(3) JC Bose National Fellowship, 2010-20, Government of India,
(4) SS Bhatnagar Award in mathematical sciences, 2000, Government of India,
(5) National Award in Statistics in honor of Professor CR Rao, 2001, Government of India,
(6) Fellow, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, USA, elected in 1999,
(7) Fellow, Indian National Science Academy, Delhi (FNA), since 2003.
(8) Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore (FASc), elected in 2001,
(9) Fellow, National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad (FNASc), elected in 2003,
(10) Indian Science Congress Association Young Scientists’ Award, 1985.