Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications Registration No. 32833

Statistics and Applications ISSN 2454-7395(online)

Issues 1 & 2

Statistics for Research and Development in Agriculture

T.V. Sreenivasan

pp. 1-6

Asymptotic Distribution of some Estimators Subject to Order Restrictions

Xiaofeng Tan and Shyamal Das Peddada

pp. 7-26

Census Data : Quality Control Procedures

K.S. Natarajana

pp. 27-48

Some strategies of Obtaining Core Samples from Germplasm Collection using Strata of Geographical Origins A case Study in Safflower (C. tinctorius L.)

R. Balakrishnan and K.K. Suresh

pp. 49-64

Prediction and Validation of North East Monsoon Rainfall for Selected Locations of Tamil Nadu

V. Geethalakshmi, R. Selvaraju, C. Vasanthi, T.N. Balasubramanian, John Mc. Bride, Samsul Huda, David George, Jeff Clewett and Rangasamy

pp. 65-68

Risk Analysis through Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques for Power Projects

Urmil Verma, N.P. Singh and R.K. Tuteja

pp. 69-84

An adaptive Binary Search Based Sorting by Insertion

D.S. Guru, H.J. Raghavendra Chari and M.G. Suraj

pp. 85

An Efficient and Simple Algorithm

Statistical Profession ֠New Challenges

M.S. Asokan

pp. 97-100

A General Computer Program for Analysis of All Types of Two-Way Designs and Data

M.N. Das and Ashish Das

pp. 101-104

Teachers Corner

M.N. Das and Prasenjit Sarkar

pp. 105

A general Procedure for Obtaining Pythagorus Triplets Exhaustively