Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications Registration No. 32833

Statistics and Applications ISSN 2454-7395(online)

Issues 1 & 2

The integrated mean squared error design citerion for a multiresponse model

Andre I. Khuri

pp. 1-8

A note on a characterization of C-designs

G.M. Saha & B.K. Samanta

pp. 9-11

Nearly L-designs for symmetric parallel line assays

F.S. Chai & Ashish Das

pp. 11-24

Sequentially counter balanced Latin squares

P.D. Issac, A.M. Dean & T. Ostrom

pp. 25-46

Determination of the size of semi-controlled experiments with derived factors

C.J. Sexton & S.M. Lewis

pp. 47-60

Further asymmetric orthogonal arrays

Aloke Dey & Chung-yi Suen

pp. 61-64

A financial information system for India : Data warehousing approach

R.B. Barman & A.K. Nag

pp. 65-80

Efficiency factor of a block design for test versus control multi-factor experiments

S. Gupta & Woo-Sun Lee

pp. 81-88

Group testing for identification of defective components: An application of orthogonal arrays

S. Adhikari, J.K. Ghosh & Bikas K. Sinha

pp. 89-96

On resolvable group divisible designs

Chand K. Midha

pp. 117-120

On improved estimation parameters subject to order restrictions

S.A. Dunbar, M. Conaway & Shyamal Das Peddada

pp. 121-128

A note on Manova in oblique axes system

N. Giri

pp. 129-132

Block designs for comparing test treatments with control treatments an overview

V.K. Gupta & Rajender Parsad

pp. 133-146

A-optimal cubic and quartic regression designs in asymmetric factor spaces

A. Luoma, N.K. Mandal & Bikas K. Sinha

pp. 147-154

E-optimal exact designs

Fu-Chuen chang & Lorens A. Imhof

pp. 155-164

Further study on optimal row-column designs with unequal row and column sizes

Rita Saha Ray

pp. 165-176

On the analysis of nonorthogonal saturated designs using effect sparsity

Weizhen Wang & Daniel T. Voss

pp. 177-192

A balanced two-stage allocation design for normal response

Kashinath Chatterjee & Uttam Bandyopadhyay

pp. 193-200

Some optimal balanced residual treatment effects designs

M.L. Aggarwal & Mithilesh Kumar Jha

pp. 201