Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications Registration No. 32833

Statistics and Applications ISSN 2454-7395(online)

Issue 2

Strategies for developing core subsets of germplasm collections: The use of an information measure for directed selection on the basis of higher diversity

R. Balakrishnan, N.V. Nair and K.K. Suresh

pp. 91-106

Seasonal modeling and forecasting of crop production

P. Balasubramanian and Dhanavanthan

pp. 107-118

A modified definition of random sampling designs and its use to obtain new sampling design and its use to obtain new sampling designs and a convenient method of estimation of variance

M.N. Das and Aloke Lahiri

pp. 119-128

Constraints identification in adoption of artificial insemination programme in northern region of India

S.B. Agarwal, J.P. Dhakal, R.N. Malik and A.K. Gupta

pp. 129-136

Fifth Annual Conference of the Society of Statistics, Computer and Application in Rajasthan College of Agriculture, MPUAT, Udaipur

pp. 137