Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications Registration No. 32833

Statistics and Applications ISSN 2454-7395(online)

Issue 1

Finance, growth, information flows and role of statistics

R.B. Barman

pp. 1-8

Statistics and computer science with an innovative algorithm for multi-field sorting of database files using a single sort

M.N. Das

pp. 9-22

Strategies for developing core subsets of germplasm collections: 1 The use of an information

R. Balakrishnan, K.K. Suresh

pp. 23

measure for constituting diversity groups that form the basis for stratified random sampling

N.V. Nair

Time series modelling with genetic neural networks: case studies of some important

Ashok K. Nag and Amit Mitra

pp. 37

Indian economic and financial series

Crop production forecasting in India using remote sensing data

J.S. Parihar and M.P. Oza

pp. 59-68

Power comparison of some optimum invariant tests of multiple correlation with partial information

R. Cleroux and N. Giri

pp. 69-74

Statistical system in India and role of Central Statistical Organization

A.C. Kulshreshtha

pp. 75-80

Teacher Comer A procedure for obtaining factorial effects of any factorial experiment

Jyoti Divecha and Rajarajan Aiyenger

pp. 81-84

Proceedings of the IV annual general body meeting of the Society held at Rajkot

pp. 85