Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications Registration No. 32833

Statistics and Applications ISSN 2454-7395(online)

Issues 1 & 2 (New Series)

Official statistics: past, present and future

S. Ray

pp. 1-12

Financial statistics in national accounting

A.C. Kulshreshta

pp. 13-22

Lag selection in time series framework using genetic search procedure

Ashok: K. Nag and Amit Mitra

pp. 23-40

Reforms in payment and settlement system

Radhey Shyam

Impact of 9/11 tragedy in U.S.A. on freight and insurance components

Amit Kumar Sharma

pp. 53-68

Enhanced scope of the scheme of cost study survey and 'FARMAP'

K.A. Varghese

pp. 69-80

Statistical methodology for skew detection in binary text detection for document image mosaicing

P.Shivakumara,D.S.Guru,G.Hemantha and P. Nagabhusan

pp. 81-90

Innovative computerized method for proxy attendance control and library automation

Anit Bhatnagar and Azad Mordia

pp. 91-98

Abstracts of papers presented in fifth annual conference of the society in Rajasthan College of agriculture, Udaiur, 17-19 January, 2001

pp. 99