Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications Registration No. 32833

Statistics and Applications ISSN 2454-7395(online)

Issues 1 & 2 (New Series)

Micro planning for rural development in India

M.N. Das

pp. 1-8

Financial risk management: Some statistical issues

A.K. Nag

pp. 9-15

Rural development through agricultural based intervention

Mruthyunjaya, Sant Kumar and Shailendra

pp. 15-23

Rural planning: Data limitations and gaps

B.N. Kulkarni and J.P. Ahuja

pp. 23-30

Emerging issues for sustainable agricultural development in Rajasthan

K.A. Varghese

pp. 31-46

Some indicartors of rural development: An analysis through census data

D. Roy Chaudhury

pp. 47-56

Development of rural areas for mass employment

P.K. Dasora and V.K. Vijay

pp. 57-64

Neural network for forecasting of headline inflation rate

Sanjib Bordoloi

pp. 65-86

Artificial neural network (ANN) for prediction of coconut yield

M. Balakrishnan, K. Meena and S.Shunmugasundram

pp. 89-92

Finding and comparing frequent item sets in aggregate data sets and clustered datasets

E. Ramaraj amd M. Punithavali

pp. 93-100

Markovian analysis of rural development data

R.G. Kedia and D.T. Deshmukh

pp. 101-106

Factorization of language constraints in speech recognition

E. Ramraj and E. Chandra

pp. 107-116

A dissimilarity measure based spatial similarity retrieval of symbolic images:

P. Punitha and D.S. Guru

pp. 117

A novel approach to handle multiple instances of ionic objects

Data protection and reliability measures through file back up

H.P.S. Parihar, S. Srivastava and D. P. Rai.

pp. 133-138

Invariant moment based feature extraction for classification of epigraphical characters.

K. Srikanta Murthy, O. Hemanta Kumar and P. Shivakumar

pp. 165-176

Abstracts of Papers

pp. 153-184

Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute: A Profile

pp. 185-190

Proceedings of seventh annual conference

pp. 191