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Statistics and Applications ISSN 2454-7395(online)


Issues 1 & 2 (New Series)

Inaugural Address of the 10th Conference

Role of women in rural development

Rajpal Singh

pp. 1-4

Incomplete non-circular block designs for competition effects

Dinesh Kumar Peteria, Seema Jaggi, Cini Verghese and M.N. Das

pp. 5-14

Estimating output gap for industrial sector for Indian Economy: A multivariate unobserved component approach

Sanjib Bardoloi and A.K. Tripathi

pp. 15-36

Statistical methods for constituting core subsets of germplagm collections

R. Balakrishnan

pp. 37-56

Construction of rectangular designs and related balanced arrays from balanced incomplete block designs

R.K. Mitra, N.K. Mandal and G.M. Saha

pp. 57-62

Statistical analysis of osmotic dehydration process for papaya cubes

S.K. Jain, H.K. Jain, R.C. Verma, L.K. Murdia

pp. 63-76

Finding Eigen values related to precision of estimates gca effects using dialed crossing plans Computer Applications

Aloke Lahiri and M.N. Das

pp. 77-80

A convenient algorithm with program for generation of Perennial calendar

M.N. Das and Shubhankar Majumder,Mukti Kant Shukla

pp. 81-84

Abstracts of papers presented in tenth annual conference of society of statistics, Computer and Applications

pp. 85-106

Proceedings of the 10th annual conference of Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications held at St. Thomas College, Pala, Kerala

pp. 107-124


pp. 125