Welcome to Society of Statistics, Computers and Applications

The Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications was founded in 1997 in Jat Vedic College, Baraut in the honour of Prof. M.N.Das during the occasion of felicitation on his 75th birthday. The Society got registered within a year of its start. The printing of its Journal entitled Statistics and Applications started in 1999. The society organizes Annual Conferences regularly since its inception.

Statistics and Applications


The Society brings a jounral, "Statistics and Applications", with two issues per volume. It aims at facilitating applications of statistics for providing services in agricultural, social, medical, industrial, financial and similar other sectors and also for applied research activities in Statistics. It is intended to provide a platform for interaction between statisticians and subject matter specialists who use statistics for their activities. It also aims at exposition of suitable theoretical activities in a user-friendly manner.

The journal has a section of algorithms and software related activities requiring statistical, mathematical and technological methodology. The purpose of this section is to encourage efficient and indigenous software making for problems in the above sectors.

The society invites original article from researchers for its Journal. For the contents of previous volume, editorial, see Journal section